Hose Category Application Area Aflex Hose Products which apply Chemical Resistance (Totally Inert) Easy Clean (PTFE Surface) Temperature Resistance (-70 C +260 C) Pressure & Vacuum Resistance Flexibility & Kink Resistance Diffusion (Perme- ability) Resistance PTFE Lined End Fittings (non- wetted fittings) UV and Oxidation Resistance (No Effect)
Pharma Hose Bio-Pharm Hose Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plants Bioflex Ultra Pharmaline N Corroflon
Chemical Hose Acids Hose Chemical Manufacturing Plants Corroline + Corroflon
Corrosion Resistant Hose General Corrosives Transfer Applications Corroline + Corroflon
Cosmetics Hose Cosmetics Manufacturing Plants Bioflex Ultra Pharmaline N Corroflon
Sanitary Hose Asceptic Hose High Purity Fluids Transfer Applications Bioflex Ultra Pharmaline N Corroflon
Heated Hose (Electrical or Steam Trace Heated) Hot Fluids Transfer at maintained temp. Bioflex Ultra Corroflon
Fuel Hose Turbocharger Hose Coolant Hose Auto-Brake Hose Motorbike Brake hose Diesel Engine Hose Motorsport Hose Power Steering Hose Transmission Oil Hose Automobiles, Trucks Buses, Motorbikes Speciality Vehicles Motorsport and Trains Smoothbore Visiflon Hyperline FX Bioflex Ultra      
Charging Hose Carton Filling Machines Hyperline FX        
High Pressure Gas Hose Gas Bottle Filling Smoothbore (High Pressure Gas)        
Bottle Filling Hose Bottle Filling Machines Hyperline FX        
Foodstuffs Hose Beverage and Drinks Hose Processing Plants and Dispensing Equipment for Food and Drink Smoothbore Visiflon Hyperline FX Bioflex Ultra Corroflon        
Inks and Dyes Hose Printing Equipment Smoothbore Hyperline FX      
Adhesives and Resin Transfer Hose Adhesives and Resin Transfer and application equipment Smoothbore Hyperline FX        
Refrigerant Hose Industrial Plate Freezers Smoothbore Hyperline FX      
Gas Analysing Hose Gas Analysing Equipment Smoothbore Visiflon Hyperline FX      
Paint Spray Hose Paint Spray Equipment Smoothbore        
High Temperature Hose Hot Oil Transfer Smoothbore Visiflon Hyperline FX    
Steam Hose High Pressure Steam lines Smoothbore Visiflon Hyperline FX