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Corroline+ hose was designed and developed to provide customers with a universal smoothbore, kink resistant, flexible PTFE hose that meets all the requirements of today's chemical production plant applications. Corroline+ is rapidly achieving a reputation for being able to handle all applications and still offer flexibility, kink resistance and a smoothbore liner. Corroline+, one hose for all applications.

The ultimate PTFE lined chemical transfer hose

Corroline+ hose was designed and developed to provide customers with a universal chemical hose product which combined all the requirements they had requested for chemical plant applications, particularly the need for improved flexibility. Corroline+ hose not only supersedes but also improves upon the wide variety of alternative Chemical Hose products currently available. See more.

Offering superior cleanability and flow rates, with higher temperature and pressure capability.
No bore restriction at the ends, as with conventional inserted fittings, therefore higher flow rates.
Free, cleaner flow of fluid, without the fluid entrapment which occurs at the inside end of an inserted fitting..

Size Range: 3/8" (9.5mm) up to 2" (50mm)
Hose Design: Natural or anti-static PTFE, stainless steel braid, with or without an EPDM or silicone rubber cover, or polypropylene, PVDF or hastelloy braid.
End fitting: ASA150 or DIN flanges, Sanitary Triclamps (Triclovers), Camlocks, DIN11851, RJT, RJP and SMS fittings, BSPT or NPT fixed males, BSP or NPSM females, JIC, I-Line and many other standard and special fitting designs.

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