Frequently asked questions

Q. Where do our hoses find application?

Pharma,Chemical and Food industries In effect the end user should select or decide the appropriate product.

Q. What are the working Pressure and Temperature rating at which these can function?

These will depend on the application and plant conditions – user to provide the information – for detailed information please refer our brochure or contact us.

Q. How the hoses are to be installed?

Hoses should not be bent at the ends when connected, provide either a longer length or have elbows at the ends for better performance Please refer installation pictures given in the brochure

Q. Will it maintain conductivity?

It is recommended where there is the risk of an electrostatic charge build up on the inside surface of the hose which may then discharge through the tube wall.

For such application we provide an Anti Static hose, for details refer brochure or contact us

Q.What are the types of end connections?

These are offered with Flange, screwed or Cam lock fittings

Q. What protections are provided for external abrasion etc?

Extra Rubber covering or bushes are provided at a distance along the length of the hose to avoid abrasion.

Q. How our product is superior to other manufacturers?

Most of them give a lined PTFE on either SS corrugated hose or Rubber hose, where as our inner tube by itself is an extruded PTFE Tube (either smooth bore with outer corrugation or corrugated from inside as well as outside)- with the result our products will last longer as the thickness of the tube itself will be more than 1mm (not just a liner)

Q.How are these marketed?

Tecnik is the sole authorized distributor and assembler in India and cater to the market all over the country
We have a Assembling unit typical of Aflex Hose Ltd U.K in Tarapur, Boisar, Maharashtra. Our unit is periodically audited by M/s. Aflex Hose Ltd

Q. What are the compliances* adhered to by our products?

EN ISO 9001 :2000
Certificate of Conformity to EN 10204 etc
*- As applicable to relevant product