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Bioflex Ultra is Aflex’s flagship product for users in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The patented PTFE liner design provides a smooth bore (for clean, non-turbulent flow) and a convoluted outer (for flexibility and kink resistance).

In 2013 in response to customer's requests for an even more flexible and kink resistant hose, Aflex re-designed the convolution profile of the Bioflex PTFE liner tube and introduced a high tensile, 316 stainless steel wire, helically wound in to the root of the convolutions. This wire provides greatly increased kink resistance by providing radial reinforcement to the tube, and axial reinforcement to the web section, preventing web section collapse when the tube is heavily flexed.See more.

The actual bore size of the tube and hoses was also slightly increased to permit easier insertion of fittings. Hoses incorporating this PTFE liner tube design have been re-named as .......... BIOFLEX ULTRA. The ultimate PTFE lined flexible hose

Bioflex Ultra is a smoothbore, highly flexible, PTFE lined hose. Its design overcomes the disadvantages of conventional smoothbore and convoluted PTFE flexible hose designs, dramatically improving on many of their individual technical performance parameters.
The key feature of Bioflex Ultra PTFE hose is the PTFE liner design, which comprises integral rib sections which support the tube

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PTFE - The Optimum Choice
The New Product Design from Aflex Hose
Bioflex Ulra Hose Design and Comparative Properties
The Bioflex Ultra Special Test Programme
Temperature, pressure and flow rates
Bioflex Ultra Sizes, Grades, Bend Radius and Dimensions>
Bioflex Ultra Sizes, Grades, Pressures and Weights
Special Usage Conditions
Quality Assurance, Certifications and Approvals
How to Order Bioflex Ultra
Bioflex Ultra Part Number System
Bioflex Ultra Hose Liners
Bioflex Ultra Hose Braids
Bioflex Ultra Rubber Covers
Bioflex Ultra External Protection Systems
Non Lined Swivel Flange Fittings
PTFE Lined Flange Fittings
Female Cam & Groove Fittings
Male Cam & Groove Fittings and Lined Flange Adaptors
Mini Sanitary and Sanitary Triclover Fittings (PTFE Lined)
PTFE Beaded Triclover Fittings
Sanitary Triclover and Mini-Sanitary Triclover Fittings - Not PTFE Lined
90° Elbow Triclover Fittings
DIN 11851 Male & Female Fittings
SMS (Lined) and RJT (Non Lined) Female Fittings
NPT and BSPT Fixed Male and NPT Fixed Female Fittings
BSP 60 Deg Cone Seat Female Unions and Lug Nut Female
37 Deg JIC Female Fittings and NPT Male and Female Unions
Dip pipes
90° Elbow Fittings
Steam Heated Assemblies - CH Grade
Electrically Traced Heated Assemblies - ETH Grade
Bioflex Ultra Standard and Puretag Labelling Systems
Hose Configurations and Length Calculations - Bend Radius
Hose Configurations and Length Calculations - Abrasion and Torque
Hose Configurations and Length Calculations - Length
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Offering superior cleanability and flow rates, with higher temperature and pressure capability.
No bore restriction at the ends, as with conventional inserted fittings, therefore higher flow rates.
Free, cleaner flow of fluid, without the fluid entrapment which occurs at the inside end of an inserted fitting..

Size Range: 3/8" (9.5mm) up to 2" (50mm)
Hose Design: Natural or anti-static PTFE, stainless steel braid, with or without an EPDM or silicone rubber cover, or polypropylene, PVDF or hastelloy braid.
End fitting: ASA150 or DIN flanges, Sanitary Triclamps (Triclovers), Camlocks, DIN11851, RJT, RJP and SMS fittings, BSPT or NPT fixed males, BSP or NPSM females, JIC, I-Line and many other standard and special fitting designs.

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