Tubing has been used as a major conduit for fluid transfer like gases/liquids across various industries having wide variety of applications such as Laboratory research, Food & beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Biologics, Medical devices, Brewery, Consumer products, Dairy, Welding, Cable jacketing etc to name a few.

Their use differs due to varying operating conditions like temperature, pressure, storage conditions, and presence of other chemicals/gases/liquids, other media etc that may come in contact with the tube. Besides these, duration usage - single use or multiple uses, inherent nature of material influencing tensile strength, elongation, & reactivity/inertness against the actual fluid that is to be conveyed, play a crucial role that help in determining the appropriate tube for the actual process/end use.

Tecnik Tubing:

Tecnik prides itself in its capability of supplying tubes to numerous industries having diverse applications, adhering to recent quality standards like CFR, REACH, ROHS, BSE/TSE, USP Class VI etc as applicable along with benefits like flexibility, chemical inertness, low permeability & compatibility with different end fittings etc.

Keeping in mind the stakeholders’ interests & in our quest to be the leader & best-in-class in the tubing industry, we have come out with Phthalate-Free vinyl tubing that can be used as a suitable replacement to traditional PVC tubing that uses plasticizers which pose health & environmental risks. Our tubes can be sterilized with methods like Autoclaving, Ethylene Oxide, Gamma irradiation, etc as deemed appropriate to the material.

We offer quite a wide product line that caters to various applications while simultaneously providing standard & custom sizing & packaging, colour-coding wherever feasible & using traceability (lot & batch).

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